Kylie Roberts

Barre Trainer Story: Maggie

Maggie is a PT who loved barre and wanted to build on her PT skills. She found the course really challenged her and encouraged her to step outside her comfort zone. Read her story here.
Q: Was the course what you expected?
I completed the Barre Instructor Training course in Melbourne. I am a personal trainer and I was a little out of my comfort zone and found the course both physically and mentally challenging. Not having a dance background I found learning all about ballet and how to instruct a class a little overwhelming. Having said that, I really enjoyed the whole experience, and the team were super supportive. 
Q: How has your perspective changed now that you’ve completed training?
 I just have so much more knowledge and  confidence in teaching.  
Q: What did you think you would struggle with most after the Course. And do you still struggle with this?
 As a PT I am used to training 1 on 1, so teaching an entire class was new to me. I found I lacked the confidence to teach a whole class; however, I now have the confidence and find my ability to engage an entire class is actually one of my strengths. 
Q: What do you think you excelled at the most?
I have always worked in customer services - retail to coordinating events at the InterContinental Hotel, so I really understood customer service and this made the transition into fitness quite smooth. Understanding how to connect with different people, and to strive for creating memorable experiences is something I will always enjoy and prioritise.
Q: What inspired you the most? 
I had been a client at Aleenta for almost two years prior to studying to become a Personal Trainer. Having such wonderful Instructors at Aleenta, I was inspired to lead this lifestyle. I want to make a positive impact on individuals lives, whether it be physical goals or mental goals. As a Barre Instructor, it is important to make clients feel welcome and ensure they are achieving their goals.  
Q: What do you believe was the best aspect of the course? And the most Challenging?
The most challenging was my own confidence in my ability. The Best was enjoying incorporating my knowledge and skills into the routines. Focusing on how to make improvements to classes and make the classes fun!
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