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3 Tips to ensure your clients don’t experience a workout Plateau…

What is a workout plateau and how do you ensure your clients don't experience it?You many find some clients after time voice they are getting 'bored' of the same-ness of their workouts. They may feel they are not getting the same level of workout as they were previously. We call this a 'workout plateau'. 

We all crave routine and consistent habits, and for many of us it’s what we need to achieve our goals, but it can also encourage restlessness 😩. It's always better as an instructor or studio owner to proactively manage this rather than wait until someone cancels or leaves.

So, if you feel like some of your clients may be in a rut with their workout routine here are a few tips to help you re-light that fire.

Encourage them to listen to their bodies
We generally (where possible) take the path of least resistance. We subconsciously choose the quickest and easiest way to achieve an end goal. Read more about how this is completely normal.  

That’s why it’s important to encourage your clients to tune into their bodies. Especially in class. If they’ve hit a ‘comfort zone’ it becomes harder for them to push themselves in class. 

They may rely on muscle memory BUT it’s at this point you need to encourage them to tune in and say “Can you go that bit lower here?” “Can you hold that grand plié on rise?” “Am I encouraging them to take the most advanced option and am I giving it 110%?”

Encourage your clients to talk to you before class and let you know where they are at, encourage them (where appropriate) to do the advanced modifications during class. Encourage them to use weights when they wouldn’t normally. You need to get to know your clients and work with them to ensure they are being challenged in each and every class.

Mix it up
Encourage your clients to get to a class style they have never done before. Or create a class which challenges them in a different way. You are the leader and motivator of your class and you need to guide your students to achieve what they want and need to achieve.

Encourage your clients to mix it up – try a cardio barre class or a more yoga-style class. Challenging them and mixing it up will revive them. Take them on a run for something completely different! It keeps it interesting ☺ Choosing an ‘alternate’ form of exercise is a great way to challenge their brains as well as their bodies.

Encourage them to challenge themselves 
Small achievable goals are a sure-fire way to make sure your clients don’t get stuck in a rut. Every month you could set your client's mini challenges. For example:  
  • Always attempt push-ups on your toes.
  • Whenever they think they can’t do anymore, always encourage them to do one last rep.
  • Add an extra class to their schedule.
  • Use two sets of 1kg weights during the arms section.
  • Create challenges at your Studio – find out what your clients want and create a Challenge to help them achieve their goals. You could do this Studio-wide or as an individual.

Top take-aways:
1. Push your clients that little bit harder and encourage them out of their comfort zone.
2. Encourage them to trial other class styles and mix it up!
3. Create studio or individual challenges to give your clients that extra push out of their comfort zone ☺

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