Why should I choose Aleenta Instructor Training?

Alicia Min Harvie
Recently I had a call regarding one of our Instructor Training Courses and the caller asked me what makes your Course different from other (Barre) Courses? Great question!

The call has prompted me to sit down and write this blog as I'm sure many of you have the same question! Why IS our course different and why should you choose Aleenta Instructor Training… 
Here are our 3 key reasons. Read on to learn them!

1. You walk away with the confidence to create and run effective classes. 

100% our focus at Aleenta Instructor Training is teaching you to be a rockstar Insturctor from Day 1. Our courses are not focussed on learning a 'syllabus' . Yes (or course) you will learn sequences and exercises as these are the foundations of your classes. But what is more important  is how to create a great class and be able to teach it.  In all our Courses you will learn what makes a great Instructor – the tips & tricks to create and teach a challenging and effective class. You focus on ensuring the classes are results-oriented and ensuring clients are feeling challenged.

Howe do we do this? Via the face-to-face training. During this immersive you will work in small groups with personalised attention from your Master Trainer. It's so important that you practise what you preach. We believe this can’t be achieved in a purely online course. You need learn physically through experience and proprioception (a fancy word for your body's ability to sense movement, action, and location).

And for existing instructors - we build on your existing fitness or teaching skills to optimise your teaching. We mayt provice alternate ways of teaching or help you apply your existing style to these new styles.  

2. The course was created from a multi-disciplined approach with experts. 

Utilising the skills of professionals from a variety of disciplines including musculoskeletal physiotherapy, a professional dancer and Pilates and fitness professionals, ours Courses incorporate more than 30 years of combined  expertise from these multi-disciplines. 

The course content is then taught by the best of the best with Alicia Min Hrvie. Alicia is an extremely experienced Instructor, has run her own Studio and being a Master Trainer with Aleenta for almost a decade. After teaching thousands upon thousands of clients and Instructors she knows what makes a great class, how to challenge clients and what it takes to get the best out of an Instructor.

Alicia's strength is in creating amazing communities wherever she is  through her professionalism, warmth and expertise.

3. We know what makes a great Class.

We run studios around Australia for almot a decade and we've taught over half a million clients, more than 40,000 classes ad hundreds of Instructors so it's fair to say we know what we're talking about.

We know what works in practise. On real clients. We undertand client likes and dislikes, we know what keeps them coming back and after every Course we review and tweak to ensure the course continually improves and meets the needs of our Students. But most importantly the small cohorts means we can address your individuals concerns and needs throughout the course. 

What to know more? Give us a call on 1800 672 606 – we would love to chat and discuss whether Aleenta Instructor Training is right for you.
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