So you're already a fitness trainer and thinking about adding Pilates and/or Barre to your arsenal. Learn how these skills build on your expertise and add to your employability.
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You already have a Certificate III or IV in fitness, maybe a Yoga or Dance Certification and you are wanting to broaden your skills and opportunities. 
As an existing fitness professional you're already passionate about helping people get moving. Pilates and/or barre are great skill to stack to your existing experience. As Joseph Pilates said
“Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can ever be attained. Self-confidence follows.”
Pilates and barre, like yoga, are not only great for getting the body moving, but also great for the mind and soul. 

So why should you add Pilates and/or barre to your skill stack? 
According to Mindbody report The Fitness Industry and the New Normal Pilates is the #1 workout people are wanting in-person.
>This Certification enables you to tailor programs to a wide range of clients and provide additional fitness options for them.
>You can work in a different environment or bring these skills to your existing gym, studio, 
>You'll become a more rounded professional - working with the mind, and body. 

Source: Fitness Industry and the New Normal, Mindbody, Aug

WhY aleenta instructor training for FITNESS PROFESSIONALS?

Modern course content by experienced instructors and clinicians Dr Daniel Harvie, PhD, Masters Musculokeletal and Sports Physiotherapy & Ms Alicia Harvie, Bachelor of Dance, Diploma Pilates

Practical face-to-face training where we work on how to improve your Instructing skills. Enjoy one-on-one time to assess the gaps in your skills and how you build on your existing skills.

Online–self paced training with support from our teaching team

Assessment process designed to practically make you a better instructor, not make you nervous.

Nationally Accredited Course 

Earn Continuing Education Credits with Fitness Australia


I’m a movement lover. After my 2 Bachelor Degrees (in movement and exercise), a $6500 Diploma in Pilates and 6 years of Instructing Pilates and Dance across many businesses and countries, I was craving to extend my skills into barre, yoga and Personal training. But as I looked around at courses, I was totally disappointed. I couldn’t find a course that wasn’t either, really long, really expensive or way too basic (a.k.a didn’t take my experience into any consideration). 

So, I decided to create a course for people like me. 
A course that:
  • Focused on the techniques but also how you can blend it with your previous knowledge
  • Wasn’t too expensive so you can afford the next course to skill stack 
  • Wasn’t too long so you can apply your experience into a paid job ASAP
  • Refreshed the anatomy (etc) with the modern ideas, was in-depth and intriguing and not too basic. 

And it has just been a great pleasure to run 8 years of teaching training for other amazing fellow Instructors who want to skill-stack.

I've had a physiotherapist do the course and create foot rehabilitation exercises from ballet inspired movements. 

I've had a pole Instructor do the course and learn how to create classes that compliment their client’s strong upper bodies.

I've had small rural studio owners add barre or Pilates and be the first people to bring it to their town.

And so many more awesome applications. What are your plans? I would love to chat and hear how we can work with you. Shoot me an email to and I will personally respond.

Alicia x
Alicia Min Harvie, Co-Creator
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We'd love to hear your story and discuss whether adding barre or Pialtes to your fitness toolbox is for you. 

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