Alicia Min Harvie

Why become a Pilates or Barre Instructor?

So, thinking about becoming a Pilates (or Barre) Instructor? I want to share with you my top 5 reasons. I have been a Pilates Instructor for 15 years of Pilates and my chosen career has seen me through key life seasons: university days, travelling years, multiple business ventures and motherhood.

I love my chosen career and want to share with you my top 5 reasons why I believe it's an awesome career choice. 

# 1. 100% feel good job

Some jobs are just happy jobs. I was a tour guide taking happy people to beautiful sunny locations. That was a happy job! Pilates Instructing is also a happy job.

Whilst you’re not often in exotic locations, clients come to Pilates to feel good, to escape their busy work, to be around other inspiring people and whilst they might walk in tired, they start to feel good at that very first breath/stretch. And making people feel good, FEELS GOOD! 10,000 classes later I still feel this. 

#2. It’s flexible work 

One of the best aspects of working as a Pilates Instructor is the lifestyle flexibility it provides. I’ve comfortably managed my schedule whilst travelling, having another career as a performer, having a baby. You name it I’ve done it. And I love the variety it's provided and supported!

You can make it your full-time work, you can create a business out of it or you can have it as a side-hustle and enjoy doing something you're super passionate about.

#3. You really help people

My husband is a physiotherapist and trying to help people too but he pointed out to me one day that in his profession he often gets 30-50mins initial consultations then 15-20 mins in a series of 5-15 follow-up sessions. This a relatively short time to diagnose, understand, observe patterns,
connect and share education to best help. A Pilates Instructor (whilst we do not diagnose or treat patients) gets to spend 1-5 hrs a week with a client for 6months to 5 years & beyond. In this incredible amount of time you can observe how someone moves really well and whilst working out, share and educate. You can inspire, motivate and ultimately share the journey of the one thing we know our bodies need for good health… movement!

#4. It's an excellent ‘string to
 your bow’

Whether you career goal's to be a fitness instructor, personal trainer, physiotherapist/ chiro/ osteo/ myotherapist, dancer/performer, life coach, sports coach, elderly care or just get to know your body on a deeper level, Pilates is a great skill set that transcends professions. 

#5. Keeps you fit and healthy…

It’s not a vain motive but rather a very practical reason to make the top 5. Because, making time to stay fit is hard in a busy life and we all spend too much time on our computers, phones, being a taxi to kids, etc, etc.

I had to laugh when my husband started work and during a occupational health staff 
briefing, he was informed that the #1 work injury is not pain from sitting too much but pain from standing too much at their new standing desks. So nothing has changed with the new desks other than too much time on one position is the devil. Motion is lotion…

Being a fitness instructor means you get paid to move your body! woohoo! 

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