If you're thinking about embracing a career change and choosing a career you love. You're in the right place.
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So a career change is potentially on the cards. You're passionate about fitness and taking the first steps to working out whether this is the career for you.
As Joseph Pilates said:
"Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.”Becoming a Fitness Instructor is rewarding, challenging and a career you can be truly passionate about.

So why should you become an Instructor?
  • You help get people moving and guide them to  happier and healthier lives.
  • You have a genuine and real impact on helping people and their mobility.
  • You get to see and experience results. Working with clients you may have someone who is struggling with injuries or post-natal and in time with the right guidance and support you will completely change their lives. 
  • It's a career with great flexibility. You can do as a side hustle whilst working full-time, whilst studying, or as your main focus. You can work early mornings or evenings and have the day to yourself. Really you get to create the life you want!
  • You can choose a range of work environments whether it's teaching in a studio, online, outside or creating your own business. The opportunities are endless.
  • You get paid to keep fit (added extra bonus!) 

Sound amazing? We think so too.

The decision is now - who to learn from and what!

Why aleenta instructor training for new instructors?

We understand we all have to start somewhere.

Modern course content written by experienced instructors and clinicians, Dr Daniel Harvie, PhD, Masters Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy & Ms Alicia Harvie, Bachelor of Dance, Diploma of Pilates

Practical face-to-face training where you learn in small groups with personalised attention. It's important you learn physically through experience and proprioception (fancy word for awareness of the position and movement of the body).

In-depth anatomy & biomechanics module to help you understand how the body works and how you apply it to your teaching.

Your Instructor throughout the Course is Alicia Min Harvie. So you have the best-of-the-best available to learn from. The Course Creator is also your Instructor, not some hired help.

Online-self paced training providing flexibility with support from our teaching team

Aleenta runs its own Studios and has employed many many Instructors over almost a decade around Australia. We know what makes awesome Instructors and created our Courses with this knowledge.

next steps...

You'll need to choose which Course and Training Provider is right for you. Check out these resources.

#1 Is being an Instructor Right for Me?

Read our Top 5 reasons why fitness instructing is a great career plus some fabulous Instructor stories to Inspire you. 

#2  I want to instruct. But which Course?

Can't decide whether you should get started with Pilates or Barre? Learn more here.

#3 How to decide which Course is right for me.

Finally you need to workout which Course is right for you. Download our Checklist to help you work it out.

aleenta instructor training features

40 hours dedicated to intelligent, analytical, and personalised instructing, so you’re ready to immediately start teaching after Certification.
An Exercise Guidebook containing over 200 exercises providing a diverse repertoire to meet you client's needs and keep them engaged over time.
Practical anatomy and movement biomechancs so you can create and teach classes  which are effective and have a good understanding of the body.
A face-to-face immersive where you will experience the exercises on your own body and enjoy personalised feedback and mentoring. 
How to build balanced classes that are motivating, challenging and fun. Your clients need to enjoy your classes both physically and psychologically so they want to come back. 
A focus on class delivery so you feel confident you can stand up and deliver classes your clients will rave about.
Want a FREE Personalised Consultation? 

We'd love to hear your story and discuss whether this is the career for you. Simply reach out & we can have a heart-to-heart and help you decide whether a Barre and/or Pilates career is for you.  

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